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Ways you get to and around Wellington:

  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Bus
  • Passenger in private vehicle
  • Cycling
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Cable car
  • Other
  • Ferry

How much you value the following:


Don't value

Highly value

The natural environment like the hills, coast and harbour

Parks and public spaces

An efficient and affordable public transport system

A city that’s pedestrian friendly

The vibrancy of the city from arts, culture and events

A sustainable city that minimises environmental impacts

A family-friendly city, where living is easy

Public facilities like libraries and sports grounds

Entertainment options like restaurants, bars and cafes

Business growth and employment opportunities

Having efficient transport connections to the airport

Preservation and protection of significant heritage elements of the city

A city that’s focused on growing and promoting business growth

Plenty of options for cycling safely around town

Being able to get around and through the city quickly and easily by car

To make Wellington City an even better place to live, work and visit I think we should:

Joey, Aro Valley

19 months ago

Create a light rail connection to the airport

Jonathan, Mount Cook

19 months ago

Identify and make more efficient routes for travel by car, for freight vehicles, walking, and cycling. These may have separate routes but would cater for the main flows of people and vehicles as determined by current usage and projected demand

Name not provided, Seatoun

19 months ago

Didn't answer the question

Tamara, Miramar

19 months ago

Make sure that all options are carefully considered. There is not one single solution to the transport issues in Wellington