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  • Tom Nock

    Put Island Bay back to how it was.

  • Mim McArthur, Houghton Bay

    in terms of transport, a flat charge for the bus across the city. $2. that will get me and my baby out of my car but its too expensive now so we go for comfort for the baby and convenience of the car

  • Chris Dawson

    Make roads safe for all road users. Cycleways segregate road users - we should be promoting people sharing spaces.

  • Alan Bawden, Karaka Bays

    Basin reserve is the problem. No good moving the airport north, traffic congestion only reverses. The basin rises on the north side (grandstand) so there should be a tunnel cut iin like the Arrus tunnel so the traffic going to the cambridge tce goes under from adelaide rd which means the "flyover" traffic going south to the new tunnel can go over the top at ground level. Coming up Kent Tce, newtown traffic could go under in a tunnel and come out just up adelaide rd. Also, move the adelaide rd bus stop away from the basin clear of the tunnel exit. Also, for traffic coming off the basin round-a-bout to ruby st to enter tasman st, allow this but close tasman st entry to the basin. A lot of this traffic just wants to cross three lanes which is not on. Make that traffic choose another route. Taranaki st should have either a tunnel continuation from the Arrus or an elevated overp[ass for Taranaki st traffic NOT to impede the state highway 1 traffic. At the corner where the church is, entry road to the Mt Victoria tunnel is obviously where the road will be for the new north/south tunnel. While all this woirk is being carried out, the Hataitai bus tunnel could be used for general traffic in one direction and buses in the other direction (as well as general traffic) take another route. I think the Arrus tunnel is great, don't give up on it, instead of fly-over go under!

  • Grace, Newtown

    Make better cycle ways and better public transport

  • Name not provided, Lyall Bay

    Create asthetically pleasing public places with arts, sculpture as well as safer children's parks with better play facilities.

  • N

    Get some quality public transport

  • Oliver, Houghton Bay

    Make a pedestrian only areea down labmdon quay, Willis, Manners, Courtenay. So pedestrian only from Beehive to Embassy with only a few large Street crossings.

  • Jedigirl, Hataitai

    Ban cyclists from the CBD. Have reliable buses. Sack Celia.

  • Kerrie

    Improve traffic flows