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  • aimee, Khandallah

    Sort public transport out (cheaper, reliable) to get more people using it; be open about the decisions the Council makes and why; do something about the appalling housing stock; work to actively encourage economic growth by focusing on the weightless (ie digital) economy.

  • Graham Down, Johnsonville

    Upgrade our public transport even further. Have more seats available on rush hour trains. Keep the energy effiencient trolley buses.

  • Ruth

    Provide much more efficient ways of getting to the airport. It took 4 hours return from Waikanae on a Sunday this past weekend, and a lot of that traffic was from the airport to the motorway

  • Name not provided, Wellington Central

    Use international best-practice examples for a lot of things

  • Ruby Grant, Mount Cook

    Wellington needs to be a cycle and pedestrian friendly city! No more subsidising parking spaces everywhere; just priority put into nice and easy ways to bike and walk around.

  • Chelsea Cain, Mount Cook

    Support alternative methods of transport such as car-sharing

  • Shaun, Mount Cook

    Have affordable, unified, monthly public transport passes, with free travel on weekends for pass holders.

  • Michael, Oriental Bay

    Free bus from railway station to and from Wellington Public Hospital.

  • Callum Dickinson

    Get rid of rail bottlenecks (single track in Trentham, Pukerua Bay) and increase top speed and frequency to 15 minutes or better, light rail instead of BRT on the main transport routes, use Richard Reid's solution for alleviating Basin congestion in the short term

  • Name not provided

    Stop building bidirectional shared paths that stop and start or require cyclists to dismount