Impact on Property

What does the Let’s Get Wellington Moving indicative package announcement mean for property owners?

Any major transport project such as those announced as part of the indicative package, can have an effect on neighbouring properties. We acknowledge that announcements can create uncertainty for people who own property or live or work near proposed projects.

Once the package is endorsed by all three partners, work can begin on investigation, evaluation and design. These stages will involve further consultation with the community and with people who would be directly affected. This means it will be some time before we know which properties will be affected, and what those effects might be. The next steps in the process are outlined below.

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Whether you sign up for updates or not, we will get in touch with affected property owners when the proposals are more defined and we are more certain about the impact on property.

Letter sent to property owners around the Basin Reserve on 17 May 2019 [pdf]

Letter sent to property owners on Ruahine Street and Wellington Road on 17 May 2019 [pdf]

Our next steps

Engaging with stakeholders

Connecting with stakeholder groups over coming months to discuss the indicative package and the way forward for the programme.

Early delivery

Commencing work on a programme of early delivery to start getting Wellington Moving.

Business case development

Starting detailed business case work on the larger elements of our programme, such as mass transit. This work will include investigation and analysis, including economic and environmental assessment, and evaluation of alternative solutions.

Programme funding

Agreeing the funding requirements for implementation (construction). This will require changes to the councils’ long-term plans and the Regional Land Transport Plan.

Partnership agreement

Developing a new partnership agreement and delivery model among our partners to ensure the delivery of the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a letter from you, does this mean my property will be acquired?

No, it doesn’t mean your property will be acquired. We don’t know those details yet. We have released some maps, videos and pictures of what we are proposing, but these are indications of a package of proposals, not designs that are ready to be implemented.

We got in touch because we wanted to let you know what is being proposed as part of the indicative package announcement, reassure you that no decisions regarding detailed design have been made and let you know what the process is from here.

Most importantly, we wanted you to know how to get in touch if you do have any questions and we want to be able to give you updates when we have them. If you haven’t already signed up for our property owner updates, please add your name and email address.

I did not get a letter from you, but I think your proposal will impact on my property.

We have written to people in the area close to some of the proposed improvements, but we know we won’t have reached everyone.

We don’t yet know some details, like the precise route for a future mass transit route. If you haven’t already signed up for our property owner updates, please add your name and email address.

This process has already been going for a while, when will you know more?

The LGWM programme began in 2016 with the plan of developing a package of ideas to solve transport problems facing Wellington now and into the future.

So far, we have consulted the community on a set of possible scenarios (in 2017), and now the feedback from those scenarios has helped form our recommended programme of investment (RPI). The RPI was shared with central government due to its scale and the funding challenges it presents. The government’s announcement of an indicative package and funding commitment provides a clear way forward. This means we can now commence more detailed investigation of the elements of the indicative package and how these will work together to deliver on our objectives.

The measures proposed are not quick fixes but major investments in our transport system. It will take a few years to complete the next stages of investigation, evaluation and consultation as a part of the business case phase. We will put our ideas out for your feedback and involve you in the process, particularly if you live in a community that would be most affected.

But while we do this work on the wider package, we need to make a start on moving more people with fewer vehicles. We’re proposing an early delivery programme to help change how we move into and around the city. You can find out more about the next steps here.

If you’re a property owner and have further questions please get in touch